The Knight Foundation’s News Challenge: Health

What do you know about the health around you? Probably not a whole lot when you really think about it. And have you ever really thought about it? Again, the answer is probably not. In the era of web 2.0 and smartphones, we like to think that we have instant access to whatever data we need around us. We can pull out our phones and find the nearest coffee shop or look at stats from the game last night or even see real-time traffic updates on a virtual map but, as of now, we have no means of seeing health statistics specific to our immediate geolocation without wading through thousands of lines of data scattered around the web.

Our app aims to answer the simple question: “What’s the health like around me?” But why would someone ask this question? What does it mean and how do we even begin to answer it? To find out, check out the link below to our project proposal for The Knight Foundation’s News Challenge: Health!

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