Imagine yourself instantly caught in the next major disaster somewhere in the world. If you survive, who are the first 5 people you contact to let them know you are ok?Now imagine it is 24 hours later. All of your electronic devices are dead and there is no power to charge them. How do you let those same 5 people know you are still ok?Today we are very excited to introduce both a new approach to mobile emergency power for disasters, and a new type of first responder, the Citizen Power Brigade.With our Field Power Kit and a simple cable, we can turn a hybrid electric vehicle into the world’s cleanest and most fuel efficient source of mobile emergency power in a disaster. In one week using one tank of gas, one HEV can charge 8400 phones in order to provide up to 12 million minutes of talk time for survivors in a disaster. Besides charging electronic devices, the Citizen Power Brigade is available to provide emergency power to run medical equipment, appliances including refrigerators, and various other equipment and devices.

Civic Ninjas developed a proof of concept of this exciting project as part of The Feast Civic Hardware Hackathon. We are currently looking for community partners that can help us take this project to the pilot phase. If you represent an organization trying to improve community preparedness and resiliency locally, nationally or internationally we want to explore ways to partner with you on this transformative project.

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